esTeam Girls

esTeam Girls move with confidence, connect to their inner strength, and are part of communities of girls who support one another.

We just wrote a book!

It’s a guide to following your heart.

Imagine a world where your only job

was to be yourself.

What if we told you that the important things in life weren’t based upon the your appearance, receiving straight A’s, or the number of Instagram followers that you had —  but rather the extent to which you followed your heart, pursued your dreams, and were true to yourself.

Everybody and every body is made to move.  esTeam is a place where you can connect to your body, strength and wisdom through movement.

Classes consist of movement — endurance, strength, flexibility, balance & agility — reflection, discussion, and meditation.

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Who We Are

Our team is made up of women who believe in the power of mentorship and movement to help girls feel safe, supported and strong in their bodies.

This is a passing on of wisdom, dreams and truth.  We help girls access their power, speak their truth, and set intentions that are in alignment with their dreams.  We create safe, supportive spaces that focus on growth, leadership and having fun.

This is a full circle experience that allows girls of all ages to see themselves in one another. Young girls witness dreams realized in the lives of women, while women see their own light reflected back to them, through the hopes and dreams of younger girls.

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She’s got style, grace & strength.

Strength, confidence and passion are traits we wear, just like the shoes on our feet.  Style is self-expression — a celebration of who we are, and an important aspect of individuality.

esTeam created some gear to help girls express their brilliance.  The brand is made of sustainable materials and designed to help girls shine – from the inside, out.

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