EsTeam Girls was founded with a single mission: to help girls build self-esteem, confidence, and strength through movement.

esTeam in it’s essence is fun.  We believe in the power of movement to help girls discover their inner voice, confidence and fully embody their potential. We create circles where girls are supported in pursuing their dreams, following their hearts and becoming conscious leaders of their lives.  

This movement was founded based on the idea that when we build physical strength, we build emotional strength.  When we become more flexible physically, we become more flexible emotionally.  When we find physical balance, we find emotional balance.  When we become physically agile, we become emotionally agile.  

Our StorY & Intention

Our Intention:  To create inclusive, safe spaces where girls can discover their strength while accessing their inner wisdom and truth through movement.

Our Story: esTeam began in 2011 as a fitness class focused on making movement a fun, empowering and inclusive experience for elementary, middle and high school girls.  The esTeam class evolved into a 24-class, movement-focused curricula and philosophy designed to help girls discover their strength and wisdom.

We help girls build a foundation of strength to feel good in their bodies, be leaders in their communities, and boldly pursue their dreams.


Our Mission: EsTeam is a fitness-focused organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through movement, mindfulness and mentorship. Our programs are designed to create communities where girls can develop a foundational sense of self, while building self-esteem through physical movement, and forming supportive connections with their peers.  Our program’s mission is to support girls in being authentically themselves.

We imagine communities of girls who dare to dream big and are free to be themselves.

To foster an environment where girls Dream, Fly, Inspire, and Love.


We create safe spaces where girls can explore the authentic expression of who they are.

esTeam is led by older girls and women who support, guide and connect communities of girls.

We encourage girls to view movement as a way to feel good in their bodies.  We help girls discover who they are and express that which makes them unique. Our intention is to help girls to find their answers within and follow their truth.

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