Girls Who Dream, Lead

Girls Who Dream, Lead

To be who you are, is why you are here.

esTeam spent the past year writing a curriculum to scale and implement across the country. THIS SUMMER! EsTeam is launching an entirely new program in the place it was born: the beach! Girls will go on a class-by-class journey designed to help them connect to their bodies, strength, and wisdom. esTeam classes combine endurance, strengthening and restorative movements with meditation, breath work and creative visualization. Every class is led by inspiring female mentors.

The program focuses on addressing the 5 main components of being a strong, balanced girl — these are: Foundational Sense of Self, Nutrition, Emotional Balance, Supportive Relationships, and Leadership. Every class addresses a different theme, which we explore through group discussion, movement, meditation, and self-reflection.

This is a 5-week, 2-day/week program that explores the social, emotional & physical aspects of being a girl. Hang out with us for the entire summer or join for a few classes!

Class Structure

Group Theme Discussion & Intention Setting

Opening Meditation & Dynamic Warmup

Movement Pt. 1: endurance circuits

Movement Pt. 2: strength circuits

Movement Pt. 3: restorative circuits

Group Strides & Flexibility

Closing Meditation & Reflection

We are offering programs for elementary, middle and highschool girls. Click the button below to sign up. Send us a note with any questions and/or concerns.

Select an appropriate age group to sign up. We can’t wait to see you soon!

As You Are

Middle School

Stay Open

High School

Dreams are part of our heart and soul. Our dreams go to the depths of our thoughts, wants, and needs to fulfill our destiny. In order to fulfill our destiny we must fulfill our dreams.

–J.R. Davis