esTeam was founded by Katie Grossman.  Classes are led by diverse, creative, imaginative, inspiring female role models who support, guide and connect communities of girls.

Our mission is to act as guides for girls to create a new paradigm for health, fitness, strength and community.

Dreaming a meaningful enterprise into the world is a journey beyond comfort zones, social norms and societal expectations. The truth is- without proper support, dreams often don’t make it beyond the dreamer.

esTeam is training inspired, on purpose, passionate volunteers and leaders to run programs for girls. All women and girls on the Team get hands-on experience running self-esteem programs for elementary and middle school girls, creating a community-based movement, and helping support girls’ dreams.

The Team was born out of the desire to make esTeam available to girls in every community and create opportunities for connection amongst women and girls of all ages. We are working to make esTeam programs available within every city, town and school.  The world needs girls voices, ideas, initiatives and creative solutions.

We raise one another up, connect circles of girls, share ideas, create change and inspire confidence. We honor the process, embrace the journey, and appreciate the lessons along the way. We focus on building physical strength through movement because our physical body makes this whole journey possible. Physical strength, endurance and flexibility are essential to our foundation as Strong Girls and Women.

We focus on building physical strength through fitness because our physical body makes this journey possible. Classes are led by female mentors because empowerment happens in community.